Friday, November 26, 2004

SharpReader RSS Aggregator was recommended by Preston for reading RSS feeds (blogs) on a Windows platform, if you don't want to use FireFox. I'm trying both out. SharpReader is DonationWare.

I am also using FireFox to read blogs. I haven't decided which is better.

I have FireFox open all the time, but subsctribing is a little clunky (unless the icon shows up in the lower right corner of the frame) and I haven't figured out how to update all blog contents in one command (yet).

SharpReader does auto-update, once an hour by default, and when it finds a new posting, it pops up a little reminder in the lower right corner of my screen, not unlike Outlook's reminders when a new message arrives. Subscribing to a new blog requires learning the URL of the blog itself, unless there's a shortcut I haven't found yet, and pasting it into the address bar.


Blogger Preston said...

Check out if you want to receive an automatic e-mail whenever a blog changes.

10:27 AM  
Blogger cme said...

Preston tracked down why this didn't work. There are two formats for blog feeds: RSS and Atom. Botablog accepts only RSS. blogger / blogspot feeds only Atom.

There is a web service to convert from atom to rss:

My converted blog URL to feed to botablog is:

I tried that at and it worked.

1:13 PM  

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