Saturday, December 18, 2004

PDX rocks!

Preston reports that there's free 802.11 at PDX.

That's yet another reason I think it's my favorite airport.

The others are from food

PDX has Coffee People. It's my favorite espresso stand.

PDX also has the best restaurant I've ever been to in an airport. It's the Rose City Cafe. Their sushi bar is extremely good, even by non-airport standards. Their breakfast service is wonderful - good food, good wait staff - good experience.

As Preston says, if you ever find a choice of routing - and have a chance to stop over at PDX - do it, if only to eat and surf.


Blogger cme said...

But while we're talking about airports, BWI deserves some kudos -

1. for replacing Starbucks with a local outfit that makes an excellent latte - much better than Starbucks - not as strong as Coffee People, but very flavorful and mild

2. for giving free parking in the garage for a short time (20 minutes?) so you can park to drop someone off - at least have time to kiss goodbye without blocking traffic

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