Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Waterpik site not found by Google?

I searched for "waterpik hose repair" or "waterpik hose repair kit" (I don't remember which) and was sent to a reseller, not to Waterpik itself. In fact, their site didn't show up on the list of matches at all, at least on the first several pages.

The reseller was selling Waterpik kits - at about 2ce Waterpik's price.

When I received it and tried to use it, it failed (because the end of my broken hose near the handpiece was too short) - so I called the customer service number on the instruction sheet - 1-800-525-2774 - and the nice lady on the phone was very helpful - sold me a new handpiece for less than the original hose repair kit.

Why wasn't all this information on their web site? I went looking through their web site for repair kits and found NOTHING. No wonder Google found nothing. So, I wrote them a nasty-gram.

For my friends who might need something like this, write down the phone number. They're really very helpful.


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