Saturday, May 14, 2005

We won; we get to dictate!

Friday's Newshour was riddled with references to the idea that "we (the Republicans or the religious right) won the election; now we get to dictate the results. Stop acting like a diplomat. Act like a winner."

Such lack of diplomacy sounds like Bush and is exemplified by Bolton - but that's why we need the filibuster. Someone has to put a criminally irresponsible Executive Branch on a short leash and in our system, that needs to be the Congress.

A better solution, of course, would be to:
1. stop filibuster for all judicial nominations
2. require 75 votes in the Senate for any judicial nominee, except for the Supreme Court
3. require 90 votes in the Senate for Supreme Court nominees.

and, while we're at it, require 70 votes in the Senate for all other Executive Branch nominees.

After all, if a country is more evenly divided than 75:25 on an issue, the government's job is to find a common ground and prevent alienating a large percentage of the population. Bullying is not just obnoxious - raw power is dangerous and attempts to exercise it must be punished.


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