Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Very funny, from Lissa

She forwarded me, today, the "NOTICE OF REVOCATION OF INDEPENDENCE" allegedly by John Cleese. It's great...

So I did a Google search, with that in quotes, to see if it was on the web. I got 5230 hits. It seems that this has gone around by e-mail since November and many people have copied it to their blogs. I'll let you do the Google search yourself, if you want to read it. With 5230 copies, I don't think there's much danger of its getting lost, so I won't make it 5231. Computers themselves will go out of existence first, I would guess. :-)


Blogger Gram said...

This did the rounds in 2000 too - I doubt its really by Cleese (it would be funnier). But its fun anyway. Especially the beer part. And I've always thought those American football players should be stripped of body armour and sent off to face the All Blacks - all that machismo would get a serious reality check.

11:15 PM  

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