Sunday, September 06, 2009

Welcome to New York City

Well, it's been a while since I posted to this blog.

Judy and I were married in March. We celebrated with a reception at SAFECO field in August. And now we're in New York.

I had worried about the dogs. Teddy grew up in the burbs. Goober grew up on a ranch in Tenn. Both dogs have taken to NYC like natives! Goober was leery of the elevator at first. He didn't want to go into it. Then when it started to move, he got really worried. That was 3 days ago. Now he's a natural. When the door opens he rushes inside and he's still not totally at ease wen the elevator moves, but he doesn't look panicked.

We walk over to Central Park and before 9a.m. the whole park is off-leash for the dogs, so we let Teddy off immediately. She just follows us as we walk, unless she needs to go off to pee. Goober is too excited to let off the leash all the time. He has pigeons to chase, litter to sniff, people to investigate. He's learning not to bother all people - to distinguish between those who want to pet him from those who don't want to be bothered. When we run into large congregations of dogs, we do take him off leash because he stays with the group to play - run, play-fight, jump around. He loves it.

Today on the way home we walked with one of Goober's new friends - Penny, a 12 month old sheepdog puppy easily twice Goober's weight and height - and they were play fighting for a whole long block. When we got home and I asked Goober if he enjoyed the walk, he got all excited, jumped up on me and clearly wanted to go back out and play some more - RIGHT NOW. I had to disappoint him - but we'll take him back out tomorrrow.

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