Saturday, December 18, 2004


A relative of a relative wrote, in an e-mail from England where he lives, that he "just returned from a dinner party with half of the partners being Japanese.

"Anyway, I could sense that politics would be coming up shortly in the group discussion, and sure enough, somebody asked, 'What did you think of the election result?'

"I just looked at them and responded, 'This is Munich, 1933. We have seen it all before. Keep in mind that Hitler was elected!'

"Never seen anything like it. Some were cheering, others applauding and smiles everywhere!"


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P.S. from the same relative^2 (after two removals to fix typos - sorry about that):

"Just as a note, I no longer call Bushites conservatives or neo-cons. I call them Nazis. I'm a conservertive, they're Nazi. Helps get around this liberal bashing tag they have created and makes people focus more. Concentration camps, Gestapo neighbourhood watch, powerless Congress, God on thier side to wipe out the Muslim horde. Use the legal system to rid the country of mental cases via capital punishment. Typical Nazi and nothing less."

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And another message:

"Dear Carl,

"Later, I spent some time with two Japanese ladies who were quite clear in their concerns about Mr. Bush. It's like living with a time bomb! You don't know if on Monday morning he is going to 'shock and awe' the North Koreans which would put Japan square in the middle of a war zone. War is something they don't want to be involved in, as they were de facto during Viet-Nam etc.

"I told them that Impeachment is still an option. The economy in the United States is on a knife edge. Bush is letting the dollar sink in simplistic notion that this will make American goods more attractive. Reality is that most of America's production is overseas in the quest to have the 'lowest cost production basis'. The impact is that the Chinese and other foreign manufacturers have now seen 25% of the value of the dollars they produce goods for, 25% of that income disappear in local currency terms. This is their margin. They can't pay their workers in local currency or for their facilities and keep in business.

"Result is that they will have to re-negotiate dollar based contracts to include a currency clause or turn down the contracts.

"Japan and China are now the two key supporters of the dollar. If Japan abandoned their support, the dollar would plummet and I think the Chinese would follow suit. This support from the Japanese is costing the country billions, and everybody in Japan knows it.

"This would produce rampant inflation in the US that would tear the guts out of the US economy and throw the country / world into recession.

"Awful to go through, but it would probably get rid of Bush.

"It will happen sooner or later, so best to get on with it now so the world can start sorting out the Post American Empire issues.

"Hey, and all I want to do is play tennis, travel and have a good time!"

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