Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dream Come True

The latest recount result in the WA governor race is almost perfect. It's what I was hoping for in my earlier post.

So, Rossi went from a lead in the hundreds, to a lead of 42 to losing by 8 - out of about 3 million votes cast. Note: this count (not official) does not include votes in the contested 700+ ballots that King County wants to count and the Republican party doesn't.

Back when I balanced my checkbook by hand, I used to do it twice - and if the counts disagreed, I would do it a third time - and keep doing it until I knew I was right. How about we keep recounting this election and fighting in court about the recount procedures (since it's obviously not standardized with everyone agreeing to it) until we get twice as many recount results all exactly the same as we got recount results that differ from that correct value? That might be a way to make sure we know what the count was. :-)

======================= late breaking news ========== 13:45 PST ============

I just heard on the radio that the WA supreme court has allowed King County to include the 700+ ballots that it had found uncounted in this recount. That will change the result yet again - and anger the Republican party (because King Co. is predominantly Democratic), so they might start some new legal action. It just keeps getting better! It might be years before this one is resolved.... LOL!

============= 12-23-04 06:15 ===============

Yes, it gets better. NPR's Morning Edition did a segment on the governor vote.


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